End of June 2019, Tschudi completed an impressive series of LNG STS shipments at Honningsvåg, Northern Norway. Since commencement in November 2018, a total of 123 transshipments amounting to 19.8 million m3 of LNG have been completed. Also including several simultaneous STS-hattricks involving 3 Arc7 ice-class LNG tankers and 3 conventional LNG vessels. Our ship-to-ship services can assist our clients increase their fleet flexibility plus optimize transport costs and sailing time for specialized vessels.

This activity in Honningsvåg is an example of how a diversified Group like Tschudi can deliver a variety of services to one specific project.




Throughout 2014, Tschudi Arctic Transit conducted a series of STS operations in the Sarnesfjord, Honningsvåg (near North Cape).  On average every fifth day, 70.000 tons of Russian crude oil was transshipped from a shuttle vessel to a 100.000 tonner for further shipment. 




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